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Everyone Loves a Good Pizza!

Food really does bring people together and this pizza delivers! I did a blog post on how to make this pizza HERE. With this recipe, you really CAN make Pizzeria-style pizza at home. And it’s easy to make!


Before this recipe, yeast dough and I had a love-hate relationship, so believe me when I say it’s nearly fool-proof. I use Italian pizza yeast (available on and 00 flour for this recipe. I guess you can call them my secret ingredients. But you can make it with just all-purpose flour and regular yeast. On the pizza above, I used a white alfredo sauce instead of red sauce. The perfect accompaniment to this pizza would be a light beer or a glass of red wine. I’m a Cab girl myself, but a nice Pinot might go nice with this white sauced pizza.

Try it out yourself and let me know what you think!