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Safer Products for Everyone

We Deserve Better!

Until recently, I didn’t realize how many harmful chemicals are in the products I that use daily. Every time I put on lotion or sunscreen, used body wash or shampoo in the shower, or applied lipstick, I was allowing toxic chemicals to enter my body. I assumed that because we live in a highly regulated country, the products I used must be safe. After all, doesn’t the FDA monitor the ingredients the companies that use?

Then I watched a video about the amount of toxic and harmful chemicals in skin care and beauty products. I found out that when it comes to the personal care industry, there are minimal regulations. In fact, while the European Union bans the use of over 1400 chemicals, the U.S. only bans 11! What this means is that we first need to educate ourselves so that we can protect ourselves and second, we need to lobby for stricter regulations.

We deserve better! So, I’m sharing this video with you, so that you can educate and empower yourself, too.

What’s in Your Products?

So, I decided to start looking more carefully at the labels of the products I use. It was eye-opening!

This was my favorite Lavender hand wash that I had in my bathroom

As soon as I read the ingredients on the bottle, I threw it away. Luckily, I had this one to replace it with:

Much safer ingredients!

What a difference on the second picture! I love the natural coconut fragrance better in this one anyway.

Over the next few weeks, I became more aware of the chemicals in my favorite products and decided to start replacing them with safer products. I hope you will do the same. Observation and awareness are always the first steps to making positive change. Next week, I’ll share another video. This one was on Good Morning America in December. One of their correspondents did a feature on the chemicals in personal care products and even underwent lab testing and shares the results.

To learn more about Beautycounter products, visit my personal webpage HERE

Post some pictures below of product labels you’ve found in your home. The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Manic Monday

Hi there! I haven’t posted a blog for several days though I did post directly to the Travel, Family Fun, and Beautycounter tabs. Check them out! I posted some darling photos of our play day with our two grandsons, Mason and Dillon, under Family Fun.

I had a really busy week! Earlier this year, I fell in love with Beautycounter products. Their natural scents, the way they make my skin look and feel, and how good I feel about using more natural products. In fact, since then I’ve compiled nearly the whole product line to use. I decided I wanted to share the mission of providing people with safer products, so I became a consultant. Have you heard of Beautycounter? If you’d like to learn about safer products for you and your family, visit my personal webpage HERE. We even have a line of products for babies and children!

Last night, I made my special homemade pizza. It came out soooo good. I love the recipe that I use for my pizza crust. If you follow the directions, it is virtually foolproof.  I am going to share it and a photo of my pizza on my Food & Wine link. I haven’t shared much about cooking yet, even though it’s one of my passions in life. My goal is to post a new photo and recipe each week. There, I’ve said it – so now I have to follow through…

So, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Do you have family traditions for Mother’s Day? Post below and let me know what they are. Last year, my daughters and I went to Santana Row in San Jose for the day. We had fun shopping, having lunch, and spending time together. We decided to do that again this year, except we’re staying at Hotel Valencia there overnight. It will be a total girls trip, with us three mommies and my seven-month old granddaughter, Makenna.

Check out the tabs on the top to see what I posted last week. I will be working on uploading some before and after pics of our house this week. It’s coming up on two years since we bought out current home, though we moved in full-time a little over a year ago.

See you back soon!