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Happy Six-Month Anniversary!

So excited! We are celebrating an anniversary! The Feathered Nester blog is officially six-months old today. First Post! I have had more fun with the blog than I ever imagined.

The Beginning

I started the blog on the heels of our spring break trip to Florida and the Caribbean. Oh gosh, what a trip it was! On our 7-day cruise, we had the Penthouse Suite of our ship. Not only did we have this lavish suite, but we had a hot tub on our balcony!


The suite was an amazing deal and I will have to share my story of how we scored it in a future travel post.

Living Room
Dining Room

Bumps Along the Way

A few months into the blog, I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease. I haven’t posted an update on my condition lately, but I am happy to report that my condition is stable and manageable with diet and medication. It’s been months since I had a severe vertigo attack.

Through trial and error, I’ve been able to resume my morning cup of caffeinated coffee and have a glass of wine or two with dinner. Sodium does not seem to increase any of my symptoms, though I feel better when I avoid sugar and high-carbohydrate foods.

Plans for the Future

I would like to share more decor stories on the blog. It frustrates me to no end that I don’t have the time to tackle decorating projects around the house right now. But, I am almost done with school. The New Year will be bringing great changes around my house and blog.

Upcoming project! An Outdoor Kitchen – this photo is just an example…not a plan 🙂


Menu plans or weekly recipes? I’m still not sure where to go with them. Personally, I like the ability to print off recipes and I haven’t mastered that on the blog yet. So, the recipes are a work in progress. I may take on a “Top 5” recipes weekly format. Or I might start posting recipes every other week. Given me feedback on this!!

So Happy Anniversary and Thank You!

So, thank you for your readership. Let me know what you’d like to see going forward.

Lifestyle Icons and Decorating

In my eyes, the original lifestyle icon was Martha Stewart. It’s hard to believe that she started this huge trend back in the 90s. I still have several of her books on decorating, cooking, and homekeeping. I credit her with my early success as a homemaker.

Thanks to Martha, I learned how to fold fitted sheets neatly, the best way to remove stains from clothes, how to cook and carve a whole chicken, and decorating for the holiday season.


Of course, this was long before Instagram and Pinterest. I believe that technology has been both a blessing and curse. It’s enabled us to share our decor adventures with others and to enrich our homes because of it. On the other hand, it has also created unrealistic expectations for us to live up to.

I for one, though, love seeing decorating ideas on IG and Pinterest. They really inspire me! I can’t wait to finish school so I can work on some of the things around my house, like painting and decorating.

Keeping it Real

I enjoy blogs where the authors are real. One of my most favorite, must watch IG accounts is “The Home Edit.” Their IG stories are so funny and real (unfiltered?). If you haven’t seen their IG Instastories, do yourself a favor and check them out.

I enjoy writing and sharing information. That’s why I created my blog. I never want to put myself out there as any type of role model or expert on anything. But, if something I know can help someone else, I am happy to share.

Blog Ideas and Decorating

Cooking has always been one of my passions, and it’s one of the things I post most about. Mostly because as a full-time college student, wife, mother, and grandmother, my time is limited.  Cooking is something I do almost daily, so it’s easy to share with you readers.

meal plans


Going forward though, I have so many plans for our home! And, I’ll be sharing them. They include decorating our living room, repainting rooms, learning how to chalk paint, putting in an outdoor kitchen, and much more.

It’s time for me to get cooking. Today, I am making this:

Photo Credit: A Taste of Home

It will be one of next week’s menu items. Check back over the weekend!

It’s Mon-YAY! Did I Seriously Just Say That?

What’s New This Week

I’m taking a break from posting a menu plan for this week for a few reasons. September was a crazy month because we were gone from home so much. Between that and school, it seemed like all I wrote about was menus and recipes. So, I’m changing things up this week.

We returned from our 10-day Maui trip at almost midnight on Wednesday night. It felt like Heaven sleeping in our own bed!


The following morning, it was back to normal. We took care of our grandson, Dillon, that day, picked up our dogs from our daughter’s house, and I did school work. One thing that made the day so much easier was coming home to a clean house.

Sadly, I did not come back from Maui with a new purse. It wasn’t for lack of trying. I posted a picture of the limited edition Louis Vuitton Hawaii tote, which I thought was really cute.

When I went back to Louis Vuitton with my husband, I’d decided on the new Graceful or the Favorite. Unfortunately, they were sold out in both Maui stores and even online. I’m still looking though. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Makenna Turns One!

On Sunday, we celebrated our granddaughter’s first birthday! Makenna turned one during our vacation. She and I are both October babies.

Dillon, Makenna, and Mason


It’s Truly Mon-YAY!

I am now a Monday lover! I never, ever thought I would love Mondays.

When I started my Bachelor’s degree program, my homework was due on Tuesdays, and then on Mondays.  That changed several weeks ago. Now, everything is due on Sunday nights, so Monday feels like my Saturday. That’s why I’ve been doing more posts on Mondays lately. It’s my first “free” day of the week.

This Week’s Goals

My main goal this week is to make my house look more fall-like. I love fall! Usually as soon as Labor Day hits, I am all over fall decorating. But, we were gone to San Francisco that weekend. Then we left for Michigan a few days later, and to Sacramento for a wedding a few days after we got back.  A week later we went on vacation until October 4th. September was a blur.

I am hesitant at setting any other goals, besides getting my homework done. I actually sat down with my planner last night and started to prepare for the week ahead. I’ve been using this planner:


But, I’d really like to have one that’s more like this:


Does anyone have any suggestions?

Have a truly blessed week. Time permitting, I will post later this week.

My Learning Curve

Hello again! Just a quick post. Whew, these blogs sure have a learning curve. Yesterday I posted about my new dining room rug (which you can see here) but I posted it to a page instead of making it an actual post.

I have to say that overall, though, this has gone much easier than I expected. I’m experimenting with the topics menu (where is says What’s New, Home, Style, etc) so that may change. Of course, I am quickly realizing that some of the topics I want to talk about don’t have a designated spot. Like books, for instance. I looooove books and reading. As the blog grows, I would like to add a book club.

I hope you are having a wonderful day! The sun is out here and I am off to the gym. Until later…

Hello There and Welcome!

Welcome to The Feathered Nester

Hello there! I’m Renae…a wife, mother, grandmother, college student, and sister. I’ve been an empty nester for over 10 years now.  To say it was hard adapting would have been a major understatement. I’d spent most of my adult like as a mom, always on the go, doing for others, and putting myself last. Now that our girls are grown, married, and mothering their own children, we have the time and means to really enjoy life and put ourselves first.

More About Me

I enjoy cooking a delicious meal  while sipping a glass of wine and visiting warm, tropical islands. I’m not really into fashion, but I have a weakness for Louis Vuitton handbags. When I want to relax, I reach for my Kindle. I’ve almost completed my BA in Early Childhood Development. Did I say I love children? Well, I do. I have three darling test subjects who are perfect for my school assignments. My grandkids: Mason is 2 1/2, Dillon is 2, and Makenna is 7 months.

Hummm…Let’s see…

I really enjoy people. Getting to know them, sharing ideas, getting feedback, and learning from one another. My blog will focus on things I am passionate about: food & wine, travel, family, home, and style! So, take a look around (the menu bar of my topics is above) and let me know what you think.

Tell me a little about yourself below. Follow my blog, just enter your email address to the right.