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Worth the Splurge?

Worth the Splurge? I Review, You Decide.

Deciding on the topic for this “Worth the Splurge” was challenging! As I was laying in bed one morning, though, I thought – I should do it on sheets! Did you know that we spend 25-30% of our lives in bed? Wow, that’s a lot of time when you think about it! The most comfortable place in our house, then, should definitely be our beds.


Cotton Fibers and Sheets

I decided to do a little research on sheets and their materials before writing this post. Do you know that there are six types of cotton fibers used in bedding? They are Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, Supima, Sea Island cotton, intermediate staple cotton, and short staple cotton.

Egyptian cotton has the longest staple in the world and produces fine, luxurious fabric. Pima cotton is one of the best quality cottons grown in America. It has a long-staple, and provides a luxurious, strong fiber. Supima cotton is a trademarked product that means that the item is 100% American Pima cotton. Sea Island cotton is the finest of all cottons. It’s very rare, silky, and white, with an extra-long staple. Sea Island cotton is grown in the West Indies and the islands off the Carolinas and Georgian coast. Intermediate cotton is used for bedding with up to a 230 thread count. Short staple cotton is commonly used in bedding originating from Asian countries.

Linen, Silk, Modal, and Bamboo?

Cotton is the most common fiber used in sheets. It’s all-season, easy to care for, and affordable. They also come in a variety of other materials such as silk, linen, modal, and even bamboo. Linen bedding, especially Belgian linen, is becoming really popular. The quilt and pillow shams on my bed are of Belgian linen. A set of linen sheets is high on my “wish list.” I’ve heard that they are great in the summer.

Belgian Flax Sheets from Pottery Barn


How Important Is Thread Count?

Most people think the most important factor when evaluating sheets is the thread count. Thread count is useful information, but the type of cotton fiber they’re made of is more important. Longer cotton staples are stronger and feel softer than shorter ones.

When buying sheets, it’s recommended you look for sheets made of Egyptian, Pima, or Supima, and a minimum of 200 thread count. If you’re looking at thread counts over 400, be sure to get them from a high-quality manufacturer. Less reputable manufacturers increase their thread count by piling the yarn which creates an inferior product.

My Quest For Perfect Sheets

I bought my first set of high-thread count sheets from Costco. They were a good bargain for such a high-thread count, but not really what I was looking for. They were thin and came untucked easily. My next set was from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. This set was similar to the Costco ones, though. So, my quest for the perfect sheets continued.

Enter Pottery Barn. I’d long been a fan of theirs and owned a fair amount of Pottery Barn table linens, towels, and bedding. One day, I ordered a set of their 400 thread count sheets. At the time, they were a splurge. When they arrived, I noticed they seemed about twice as heavy as the Costco brand, even though the thread count was the same. Over time, they became softer and velvety. Although I had other sets of sheets, these quickly because my favorites, and eventually I quit rotating them. I would wash them in the morning and put them back on the bed that evening.


Loving These New Sheets

We upgrade in size to a Cal-King bed when we moved into our new house. This meant I needed to purchase all new bedding. So, I looked online to see which sheets I’d bought previously from Pottery Barn. I was really surprised to see that they were already 6 years old! Luckily, I was able to get them in the size I needed. It only took a few months of used and washing for them to feel as soft and velvety as our old ones.

For tips on how to make your bed look stunning, visit here: By the way, I am not affiliated with Pottery Barn and receive no absolutely no compensation from them.

So, what do you think? Do you feel that quality sheets are “Worth the Splurge?”


Worth the Splurge? I Review, You Decide…

I decided to start a regular blog series titled Worth the Splurge? I Review, You Decide where I’ll review items that I view as splurges. I’ll list what I like and don’t like about it and you can decide if it’s worth it. So…what should be first? In one of my first blog posts, I mentioned that I would do a review on my kitchen appliances in a later post. I have posted a number of recipes in the past few weeks, so maybe my kitchen appliances deserve first honors.

Kitchen for the Win!

Our kitchen appliances were installed almost exactly a year ago. You can read the blog posts about the kitchen remodel HERE and HERE. I did several months of research and made countless visits to see cooktops before I chose my range top. The difference between a cooktop and range top is that a cooktop is flat with the knobs on top, and a range top wraps around like the top portion of a commercial range with the knobs in the front. The cooktop or range top, to me, would be the cornerstone appliance of the kitchen. Having a commercial-style range had been my dream for many years.


Our new home had the cooktop in the island, so we maintained that concept with the remodel. It was an electric cooktop, though, and my biggest desire was to have gas. I was really pleased when the contractor said they could make that happen.


Worth the Splurge

The Splurge

I consider the Thermador range top a splurge because it was about twice the cost of a regular 36” gas cooktop. There are two reasons why I choose Thermador over other brands like KitchenAid, Viking, Wolf, and GE Monogram. The first reason is that the burners are elevated, so they’re easier to clean under. That might not be a big deal to some, but my husband and I are messy cooks. The burners on our old stove top were really difficult to clean around. The other reason was that the star-shaped burners allow for a wider cooking area under the bottom of the pots and pans. The other brands had definite appeal. KitchenAid was about 2/3 of the cost, I loved the look of Wolf’s red knobs, and Viking was very similarly rated. But, the reviews of Thermador were very good. I was able to attend a lunch and learn event where I was to ask questions and sample food made on the very products I was going to buy, and they were offering their 1,2,3 Promotion.

So, what do I think after a year of use? Well, every time I see my range top it still elicits a sense of admiration. It is a beauty. And a workhorse. I rarely use the high burner setting because the flame is wider than most of my usual pots and pans. It is great for boiling water, though. My husband and I both use the X-LO (extra-low) setting regularly. The burner cycles on and off, and it’s adjustable for a longer or shorter cycle. At the lunch and learn I attended, they had a heavy-duty paper plate with chocolate chips warming on the X-LO burner.

The Good

Here are the top three things I like about it:

  1. It is so easy to clean. I’m still messy, but I just spray on a little Thieves cleaner to sit and it cleans right up. Same with the burner grates. It usually takes me just 5 minutes to clean the whole thing.
  2. It heats so quickly! Even a big pot of water is boiling within minutes. The oil in my cast-iron skillet is smoking hot in just a few minutes, as well.
  3. I didn’t even mention the griddle before, but mine has a griddle in the middle. It makes great quesadillas, toasts buns, pancakes and French toast, and heats tortillas.
Easier cleaning
The Not-So Good

Of course, there are a few things I’m not crazy about:

  1. The plain look of the stainless knobs. They sell blue replacement knobs, but they’re pricey.
  2. How long the griddle takes to heat up (it’s electric).
  3. When cleaning the top, which is black enamel, it is hard to avoid leaving streaks. I have taken to using Weiman cooktop wipes to leave it streak-free, though I’m afraid to look at the chemicals the wipes have in them.

    Blue knobs

So, it is Worth it?

What do you think? Yay or Nay? You Decide…post your replies below. Remember to subscribe to my blog! Once we reach 20 subscribers I’ll have a give-a-way to celebrate.