I am all about yummy food because I love how it brings people together. But, making a delicious meal doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple, easy recipes are my specialty. In fact, there’s nothing I like more than putting a delicious dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less most nights. To make things easy, I use my Instant Pot, Crock Pot, and air fryer a lot.

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This Coming Week’s Meals

Although we’re out-of-town this week, I haven’t forgotten about you. This weekly meals series is a work-in-progress, and for this week I decided to simplify things. Rather than list day-by-day meals, I’m sharing four easy-peasy weeknight meals, and one special weekend dinner. In the comments below, share which format works best for […]

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Meal Plan for the Upcoming Week 8/28 to 9/3

Recapping Last Week’s Meal Plan: We ate well here at our house last week and I hope you did, too! Did you make any of the meals from the meal plan at your house? If so, I hope you’ll share how they turned out. If you missed it, here is a […]

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This Week’s Dinner Plan for 8/21 to 8/27

Last week was a great week of meals at my house. It was great having a dinner plan to follow, and made my days easier. And, I even remembered to take some pictures to share. Often, I  get so wrapped in meal prep that  I forget to take pictures! For […]

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Italian Meatball Casserole Dinner

Since it came out terrific, I had to share the recipe for this week’s Italian Meatball Casserole. I started a new series here on the blog called Weekly Meal Plans (see HERE). This recipe was listed for Thursday night. It is one of the best low-sodium meals I have made […]

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Weekly Meal Planning – A New Series

Meal Planning Since I began my sodium-restricted diet (I share why HERE), I’ve been winging my meal planning. Learning how to eat low-sodium hasn’t been easy. It’s coming up on three months now, so I feel like I am finally getting the hang of it. Cooking at home was only […]

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Let’s Make Some Blueberry Hand Pies

I have always struggled with baking. I believe it’s because although I had the desire, I didn’t have the  knowledge to create delicious baked goods. Thank heavens for technology! You can watch a You Tube video on how to do or make anything. Several years ago, I discovered Cook’s Country […]