Dining Room Decor – New Rug?

I need your help with a decor dilemma going on in our dining room. Does my dining room need a rug? To see the before and after, and to post your opinion, keep reading!

A Little Background…

In 2015, we bought the home we are living in now. Buying this home was the beginning of a huge transformation in our lives, which I’ll talk about in a future post.

Several  months later, we remodeled the kitchen area which includes a dining room and game room. You can see it HERE and HERE. We used an interior designer, Tiffany, who helped us with design and decor and introduced us to the contractor, Champ Construction, who oversaw the job.

When the remodel project was complete, we still needed some finishing touches to the decor. I felt we needed a rug under the dining table to break up the dark on dark tones, but my husband didn’t want one. Mostly because it was really hard to pull your chair up to the table on our old rug. So, I shelved the idea for a while.

Time for photos!

The reason I’m telling you all this is that last week I ordered a sisal rug from Pottery Barn. It was delivered today. I decided to post before and after pics to see what you think of it.

One of the reasons I ordered this particular rug is that it has a latex backing which will allow chairs to easily slide back and forth. Another reason is I like it’s light, neutral tones.  It provides a welcome barrier between the dark dining table and floor.

Dining Room Without Rug

Dining Room Rug

Dining Room with Rug

Dining Room Rug

So what do you think?

Which looks better? With or without? If I keep it, should I scotchguard it? I don’t even know if you can scotchguard sisal?

Let me know in the comments below and follow my blog!

Our House – Kitchen Remodel Reveal

A few days ago, I posted about last year’s remodel of the kitchen, dining, and family room. The biggest surprise when planning the project was the importance and cost of lighting!

There is little natural light into these rooms, and only in the morning. They replaced and added to the ceiling lighting plus we added the post and wall sconces. I never thought I would spend over $5,000 on lighting, but it was well worth it.

Kitchen Remodel Always Have Some Issues…

The demo for the kitchen remodel took place in early April and the project was complete by late May. 

We had hiccups along the way – for instance during the appliance installation, we discovered that our lower cabinets were a little shorter than standard, and had wood flooring butting up to them.

We had just assumed they were “normal” height, so when they were installing our slightly taller dishwasher and beverage fridge, they didn’t fit!

After discussing the options, we wound up having the wood flooring taken up in front of each appliance for the installation and replaced. Thankfully, the previous owners left us a partial box of wood flooring so we were able to order more of the exact flooring. And we ordered enough flooring to do the same procedure if we need to remove either of those appliances.

Kitchen Remodel Photos

kitchen remodel
Taken after they put the appliances in, but before they had to chisel out the planks to replace them with new ones. See the top of the page a post-chisel pic.


Drum Roll, Please…..

Here’s the Reveal! 

kitchen remodel

Photo updated in December 2019. This is the view As you walk into the three room area.

kitchen remodel

Thermador convection steam oven and wall oven (top and bottom left) and Kitchen Aid counter-depth side-by-side fridge (right)

The cook top is a 36″ Thermador Range Top with griddle

Game Room/Bar Photos

The former family room area is now a game room and bar area.

The bar area of the room. It is still a work in progress. I need to move our glassware (from the dining room buffet) into the lighted display area and we need to get the shelf for the alcohol display area.

Dining Room Photos

Home Remodel

I just love this rug from Pottery Barn. I did a post on the new rug HERE.


In the design plan, this area – around the wall scones and above the buffet – is framed out with molding. We’re waiting until we have the walls in the living room re-textured (in the next few months) to have them done a the same time.

In case you forgot, HERE is the kitchen remodel before.

Here’s a review of the Thermador Convection Steam Oven HERE. Look for more appliance reviews on my Thermador appliances in later posts.

The 36″ Thermador range top with griddle was the one appliance I had to have. I couldn’t be more happy with how the kitchen remodel turned out.

We are so thankful for our amazing General Contractor – Champ Construction and our Designer – Tiffany Mehrten.

See more of my home and decor here:

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