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Family Fun With Mason and Dillon

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We have had some family fun with our little grandsons, Mason and Dillon, over the past month. We watch them a few days a week, and these two together are the definition of fun! I thought I’d share some of our more memorable moments.

We Found A Baby Frog!

The cutest moment has certainly been this video I made of Mason hopping like a baby frog! We were at the park last week when we found a baby frog. After watching it hop around in the grass, Mason decided he wanted to hop like it!

At the Park
Family Fun
At the park a few weeks ago
Family Fun
Grandpa helps Mason on the jungle gym
Doing the “fitness trail” last week

At Play in the Backyard

Family Fun
Playing with play dough
Family Fun
Team work

Around Our Neighborhood

Our neighborhood ducks, in a neighbor’s front yard. We enjoy seeing the momma and her 8 ducklings as they wander up and down the street.
Out for a ride

Hope you enjoyed my cuteness post today. These guys are a hoot, that’s for sure!

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