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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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I want to wish everyone a wonderfully, blessed Thanksgiving. To me, Thanksgiving is an important time to reflect and give thanks for my blessings.

I have so much to be thankful for in my life. A loving family, good health, the ability to pursue my dreams, and a country where we are free to express ourselves and live our version of the American Dream.

Here are some of my thankful moments over the past year:

The opportunity to enjoy moments with these boys (and Makenna)
Exploring places like the Caribbean with my husband
Our tour of the ship’s bridge on our cruise
Watching these boys collect (or not collect) eggs on Easter
Family brunch in November
Family photos in December
These grandkids!
Backyard antics
Playing at the park
Going with the grandkids to the Zoo

4th of July – 2017, 2016, and 2015
Terry and I at the Michigan State game in September. It was SO much fun!
Pre-game rally
This view from our condo in Maui never got old!
Selfie at the pool
How did I ever live without this sundae from Lappert’s in Wailea?
Pumpkin Patch in October
The boys helped me celebrate my birthday
This hot air balloon got off course and flew right over our house
Canning together was a definite highlight

What are your blessings that you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving? Share them below.

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