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Why I Love October!

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In case I’ve never mentioned it, I love October. Maybe it’s because of the beautiful weather here in California during the month. Could it be the way the air smells different? Or how when you go outside at night the air smells of wood burning fireplaces? Oh, and let’s not forget how there are pumpkins everywhere you look!

Honestly, though, the reason I probably love October is that it’s my birth month and I get to celebrate my birthday three weeks into the month. And after that, its Halloween! What a fun month.

It’s a Birthday Celebration!

We celebrated my birthday a day early, on Friday, because one of our daughters would be out-of-town for the weekend. My one year-old granddaughter, Makenna, missed the fun because she was sick. So, she had to stay home with her dad.

The boys love singing happy birthday

And then it was time to blow out the candles!

They did a great job at blowing out candles!

The cake was delicious, in fact, the leftovers were gone by Sunday.

I’ve been wanting a smaller purse for evenings out, concerts, and travel. I was so excited to get this Louis Vuitton bag for my birthday:

The Louis Vuitton Favorite MM


It was a great evening, celebrating with family.

The following night, we went to dinner at Flemings. My favorite meal is a wonderfully cooked steak and that’s what I had.

Now that my birthday festivities are over, I am looking forward to Halloween. This weekend we are doing some Halloween decorating outdoors. We just love handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, and this year I am going to make treat bags for them.

And, we’re celebrating the six-month anniversary of the BLOG! 

I hope you are having an awesome week! Check back later this week for some new recipes. I will be featuring barbecue baked beans (the best recipe I’ve ever tasted), cheeseburger soup, and wedge salad.

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