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It’s Mon-YAY! Did I Seriously Just Say That?

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What’s New This Week

I’m taking a break from posting a menu plan for this week for a few reasons. September was a crazy month because we were gone from home so much. Between that and school, it seemed like all I wrote about was menus and recipes. So, I’m changing things up this week.

We returned from our 10-day Maui trip at almost midnight on Wednesday night. It felt like Heaven sleeping in our own bed!


The following morning, it was back to normal. We took care of our grandson, Dillon, that day, picked up our dogs from our daughter’s house, and I did school work. One thing that made the day so much easier was coming home to a clean house.

Sadly, I did not come back from Maui with a new purse. It wasn’t for lack of trying. I posted a picture of the limited edition Louis Vuitton Hawaii tote, which I thought was really cute.

When I went back to Louis Vuitton with my husband, I’d decided on the new Graceful or the Favorite. Unfortunately, they were sold out in both Maui stores and even online. I’m still looking though. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Makenna Turns One!

On Sunday, we celebrated our granddaughter’s first birthday! Makenna turned one during our vacation. She and I are both October babies.

Dillon, Makenna, and Mason


It’s Truly Mon-YAY!

I am now a Monday lover! I never, ever thought I would love Mondays.

When I started my Bachelor’s degree program, my homework was due on Tuesdays, and then on Mondays.  That changed several weeks ago. Now, everything is due on Sunday nights, so Monday feels like my Saturday. That’s why I’ve been doing more posts on Mondays lately. It’s my first “free” day of the week.

This Week’s Goals

My main goal this week is to make my house look more fall-like. I love fall! Usually as soon as Labor Day hits, I am all over fall decorating. But, we were gone to San Francisco that weekend. Then we left for Michigan a few days later, and to Sacramento for a wedding a few days after we got back.  A week later we went on vacation until October 4th. September was a blur.

I am hesitant at setting any other goals, besides getting my homework done. I actually sat down with my planner last night and started to prepare for the week ahead. I’ve been using this planner:


But, I’d really like to have one that’s more like this:


Does anyone have any suggestions?

Have a truly blessed week. Time permitting, I will post later this week.

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