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Our Home – Before Remodeling

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It’s been two years since we completed remodeling our Kitchen, Dining Room, and Family Room. So, I’m resharing our remodel post – this is the BEFORE of our home. In case you missed it, this is the after-remodeling reveal post.

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The Beginning

Before we moved to Fresno, California, we’d known for several years we would settle here after my husband’s retirement. Our daughters came here for college and enjoyed the city life after growing up in a small town. After college, they stayed, started careers, married and bought homes here.

My sister, Rachelle, has lived here since she was a teenager. She was our realtor, and we’d been casually looking at homes and neighborhoods for a few years during our visits.

In early 2015, my husband and I started looking at homes earnestly, with the intention of buying. Rachelle and I came together to look at this house first, and within 5 minutes, I knew my husband had to see it.

He loved it as much as I, and we made an offer right away. The sale closed, and the house became ours around Father’s Day, June 2015. We didn’t settle in here full-time until that November, though.

It’s Ours!! What Now?

As much as we loved our new house, especially our neighborhood and landscaping/outdoor areas, there were some things we didn’t like.The red paint against the cherry cabinets in the kitchen did not appeal to me. Several of the rooms had walls painted bright colors and I’m more of a neutrals colored person.

We first remodeled the kitchen, dining room, and family room – replacing the appliances and countertops, enlarging the island, and repainting. We got a referral for a great interior designer, Tiffany, and decided to have her help us tackle the kitchen, dining room, and family room design.

Initially, our ideas were fairly simple, but as we got into actually planning it, the project grew (of course). We found a contractor to oversee the remodel and got started.

Before Remodeling

These photos are of the kitchen, dining room, and family room when the house was listed for sale:

our kitchen before modeling.
Kitchen, before remodeling
our kitchen island before remodeling.
Island, before remodeling
another view of our kitchen before remodeling.
Kitchen, before remodeling

Let’s Do This!

Eight months after we bought the house, the remodeling began. Here is the early demo (sorry for the poor lighting):

our kitchen during remodeling.
another view of our kitchen during remodeling.

I really wanted a gas range top and am so thankful they were able to run a gas line into the kitchen!

You can see it in the pic below:

another view of our kitchen during remodeling.
another view of our kitchen during remodeling.
This is the family room. The built-in wall unit was taken apart so they could add granite countertops above the cabinet portion.

That’s about it for all the “Before.” To see the after here on our remodel reveal post.

What do you think so far? Leave me comments below!

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  1. Looks like a good start! I know you are going to paint it in neutral colors–which ones though? I prefer neutral colors as well. 🙂

    • We did! I believe the color we chose was “Shady.” It’s been almost a year since we finished the remodel but I’m going to do the blog reveal later this week.

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