Prime Rib  Roast

delicious & easy

Try our slow roasted prime rib recipe to make the best tender and flavorful ribeye roast that all of your guests will love!

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– Prime rib, standing rib roast – kosher salt and pepper – vegetable or olive oil

Step 1

Make cross-cuts through the fat pad on top of the roast. Rub about 2 Tbsp. of kosher salt all over the roast. Refrigerate at least 24 hours.

Step 2

Preheat oven to 200F. Heat vegetable oil in a 12-inch heavy skillet until just smoking. Brown the roast on all sides. Let rest for 10 minutes.

Step 3

Place the roast on a V-rack  inside of a roasting. Season with salt and pepper. Roast until meat reaches 110

Step 4

Turn off the oven, leaving the roast inside, until meat reaches 125 (for medium-rare). This will take between about 60 minutes.

Step 5

Let rest for 15 minutes, then slice into 1" to 1½" thick slices, like a steak and serve.

Use the bones to create your own v-rack for roasting. With a sharp knife, carefully remove cut bones from the roast.

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Serve & enjoy!

Serve & enjoy!