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If you want simple meal ideas, or something delicious to serve on game day, this collection of tater tot recipes is exactly what you need!

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This tater tots recipe makes an easy meal, and they’re perfect for the Super Bowl and other game day parties.

Chili Tater Tot Casserole

Not only does it combine crispy tater tots and beefy chili, but it's a hearty one-pan dinner the family will love.

Tater Tot Turkey Casserole

This easy tater tot casserole with ground turkey is a delicious one-pan meal the whole family will love.

Chicken Tater Tot Casserole

This hotdish is a one-pan meal made with layers of chicken tenderloins, broccoli, and cream of chicken soup.

Tater Tots Egg Nests

Make crisp little cups or nests and fill them with egg, cheese, and bacon. Everyone loves these delicious, crispy tater tots egg cups.

Tater Tot Appetizer Cups

With just the twist of a glass, tater tots are transformed into a cheesy, crispy, delicious appetizer.

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