My family is a huge part of my life. With two grown daughters, sons-in-law, and five grandchildren, there is always something fun happening. In fact, the most family fun happens in my kitchen or revolves around food.

Whether it’s canning with my daughters, or baking something with my Little Chefs, I love sharing it with you.

Oatmeal cookies
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Oatmeal Cookies Like Your Mom Made

Oatmeal Cookies Like Your Mom Made – Who loves Oatmeal Cookies? This family cookie recipe is tried-and-true. And, they’ll remind you of those your mom or grandma made. Get the recipe here!

New Year's Eve
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New Year’s Eve Feast at Home

Feast at home this New Year’s Eve! You don’t have to go out for an amazing night. I’m sharing my tips and recipes for a fun and easy celebration. You’ll be inspired to have a night in this New Year’s Eve.

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Monkey Bread Quick & Easy

This holiday season, make some tasty treats in the kitchen. It’s the perfect time to make memories in the kitchen with your kids or grandchildren. How about something that’s quick, easy, and that kids love? Bridgford Foods Monkey Bread is perfect to make with kids. It’s done in a flash, and kids love it!

Christmas Dinner
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Christmastime at Feathered Nester’s

It’s almost Christmas here at The Feathered Nester. And, I’m sharing it with you. Our Christmas decor, what’s for Christmas Dinner, and of course, all the recipes. Let’s see what’s going on around here! Christmas Decor The highlight of my Christmas decor is definitely our tree. Decorating our tree is […]

empty nest
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Empty Nest…My Top Ten Coping Strategies

It’s August, and for thousands of Moms out there, this will signal the beginning of the empty nest. I was there myself, many years ago. I’m not going to lie, it was a very difficult time in my life. Like you, I loved my children beyond reason. I couldn’t imagine […]

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Strong Womens’ Influence and Mother’s Day

Are you a strong woman? You might be stronger than you think. For years, I didn’t think of myself as being a strong woman. I think it’s because I made a lot of sacrifices in favor of my family. Looking back, though, I realize that’s what being a strong woman […]