Overnight Sourdough Bread

If you’re looking to get started with sourdough or natural yeast, then you are in the right place. With the current commercial yeast shortage, using natural yeast is an ideal solution. All it takes is flour and water, a little time, and you have wild, natural yeast. It’s what sourdough bread is made from. You’ll be amazed how easy this overnight sourdough bread recipe is. So, let’s make some sourdough bread!

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Sourdough Stuffing – A Family Favorite

Sourdough Stuffing

Who, besides me, thinks that stuffing is the best Thanksgiving dinner side dish? That means the stuffing must be Thanksgiving-worthy: flavorful, tender, sturdy yet fluffy, perfect for sitting alongside mashed potatoes and soaking up gravy. After much trial and error over the years, this Sourdough Stuffing recipe has evolved. It’s a real classic and a staple on our holiday table.

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