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A Convection Steam Oven. What’s That?

Picking out appliances for our kitchen remodel was more challenging than I anticipated. This would be my dream kitchen in our forever home, so I put a lot of thought and research into it. I chose the cooktop first since it would be the hardest working appliance. In a post about my range top (see HERE), I discuss why I chose Thermador. The selling point was their star-shaped burners and the ability to easily clean under the burners.

The control panel


It was at the appliance showroom that I discovered convection steam ovens (which I will call steam oven for short). Our salesperson told us that they could do everything a microwave does, except reheat coffee and pop popcorn. While I was mulling over getting a steam oven instead of a microwave over our wall oven, I attended a Thermador lunch and learn. They prepared the food served in the steam oven (one of the benefits is that flavors don’t inner-mix). The pork tenderloin and dessert were amazing. After that, I was pretty sold on the steam oven.

A Rough Start

From the beginning, I had a hard time getting the steam oven to operate in the steam oven. After a few months of ignoring the issue, I finally did some troubleshooting. This led me to believe that it definitely wasn’t working properly. Ultimately, Thermador replaced the unit for a brand-new one, only for us to find out that it was an electrical problem! For some reason, the electricians installed the wrong type of electrical cord during the remodel.

steam oven
The 24″ steam oven with stainless steel surround to fit a 30″ opening.

So Easy Peasy!

The steam oven has been working for few months now and I LOVE IT!! It is so easy to use, and everything I’ve made in it comes out perfect. Steam ovens are widely used in commercial kitchens. Steam creates amazing crusts on bread, and restaurants use them to reheat food. A steam oven reheats food so that it tastes freshly made. Most items can be reheated within 10-15 minutes. I use the reheat feature several times a week. It takes a little longer than microwaving but the food comes out tasting as good as it originally did, and it stays hot longer.

The oven can steam soft-boiled eggs, corn on the cob and other vegetables, rice, custards, and much more. There is a combination steam-convection setting to use for chicken, pork, and baked goods. One thing I really like is that it also doubles as an a convection oven. Since it’s smaller, in the summer I use it to avoid heating my bigger wall unit. While it is smaller than a traditional oven, you can fit a 14-pound turkey in and it’s ready in less than 90 minutes! A few weeks ago, I made a pork tenderloin and it was delicious.

What It Makes

steam oven


One of the reasons I’m sharing my steam oven with you is that there aren’t a lot of reviews on them online. Believe me, I searched high and low before I decided to invest in this little oven. If you missed it before, here are the links for our kitchen/dining room/family room remodel: HERE and HERE. In the posts, I share before and after pictures of our remodel and give you the highs and lows that occurred during the process.

steam oven
My kitchen. The Thermador convection steam oven is at the top left.


Just in care you were wondering,this post is not sponsored by Thermador or anyone else. It’s just my opinion, based on my own experiences. 

Our House – Kitchen/Dining/Family Room Reveal

A few days ago, I posted about last year’s remodel of the kitchen, dining, and family room. The biggest surprise when planning the project was the importance and cost of lighting! There is little natural light into these rooms, and only in the morning. They replaced and added to the ceiling lighting plus we added the post and wall sconces. I never thought I would spend over $5,000 on lighting, but it was well worth it.

Issues, You Say??

The demo took place in early April and the project was complete by late May. We had hiccups along the way – for instance during the appliance installation, we discovered that our lower cabinets were a little shorter than standard with wood flooring butting up to them. We had just assumed they were “normal” height, so when they were installing our slightly taller dishwasher and beverage fridge, they didn’t fit! After discussing the options, we wound up having the wood flooring taken up in front of each appliance for the installation and replaced. We were so thankful that the previous owners left us a partial box of wood flooring so that we could order more. We kept enough to do the same procedure if we need to remove either of those appliances. Here are pictures:

Taken after they put the appliances in, but before they had to chisel out the planks to replace them with new ones. See the top of the page a post-chisel pic.

Drum Roll, Please…..

Now for the Reveal


As you walk into the three room area. Speaking of lighting, I just realized that I forgot to turn on the lights under the cabinets and above the sink *shakes head*


Thermador 27″ Masterpiece convection steam oven and 30″ wall oven (top and bottom left) and Kitchen Aid counter-depth side-by-side fridge (right)


36″ Thermador Range Top with griddle



The former family room area is now a game room and bar area.



The bar area of the room. It is still a work in progress. I need to move our glassware (from the dining room buffet) into the lighted display area and we need to get the shelf for the alcohol display area.


Home Remodel
The dining room area. I did a post on the new rug recently.


In the design plan, this area – around the wall scones and above the buffet – is framed out with molding. We are waiting until we have the walls in the living room re-textured (in the next few months) to have them done a the same time.


In case you forgot, HERE is the before. I’ll be doing an appliance review on my Thermador appliances in a later post. My beloved 36″ Thermador range top with griddle was the one appliance I had to have. And, yes, that is a steam oven above the wall oven.

What do you think? Leave your questions and comments below.