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Summer Means Shorts, Sundresses, and Sandals!

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I love getting new shoes for the season! Before I moved, I could pretty much wear the same shoes year around. I lived in a coastal climate and no matter how warm it got (most days were around 70 degrees) in the summer, you always needed a sweater or jacket and warm shoes in the evening.

Now that I live where it is hot and dry during the summer, from late May to late October, I wear shorts or a sundress and sandals every day. So, I’ve had fun getting new sandals and flip-flops for summer because they get pretty worn by November.

Here for your viewing pleasure, are some of the sandals I’ve ordered and will be keeping or returning. I love Nordstrom for this very reason. Free shipping both ways. All of the shoes below were ordered from http://shop.nordstrom.com. I’ll tell you how they fit and feel, and why they’re staying or going.

My first score of the season, besides the Gucci shoes I got over Mother’s Day weekend (see https://thefeatherednester.com/gucci-gg-blooms-reveal/), were these cute blue Tory Burch sandals. They were on sale and who doesn’t love a good sale?

They’re a gorgeous shade of blue and I’ve never owned a pair of Tory Burch shoes before. My sister has a few pairs and they always look great on her, so I decided to order them.

Tory Burch Miller Sandals

Summer Sandals

I love the way they look! They are well-make with nice stitching and metal fittings.

They feel too narrow, though, under the middle of my foot. The straps around my foot fit perfectly. I’m usually a smaller size 8, but I think I would need to try on a size 8.5 to see how they fit.

They also feel a little thin under my feet and don’t have any arch support. I really need arch support with flat shoes. Since they were on sale, and no longer available in the other size, I am RETURNING these.

I’ve seen these next sandals all over Instagram this season. They looked so cute, I rushed to Nordstrom’s website to order them while I could. I was sad they were sold out in pink, but then I realized that I am waaaaay too hard on shoes to get them in pink. So black it was.

Valentino Rockstud Sandal Slides

The angle of this shot doesn’t do the shoes or my feet any justice! These slides have a lot of cushion to them. They look fun and a little edgy with the rockstuds.

Unfortunately, they fit oddly on me. I’m not sure exactly why. I wish I could give them a few days to see how they mold to my foot, but for the cost, I’m not going to chance it.

Something else I considered is I read that the materials they’re made of can cause your foot to sweat in the heat. And, honestly, for the price I should love them more. RETURNING

Then, I saw these next sandals for 40% off. Since the Tory Burch blue sandals were going back, I still wanted a blue pair of sandals. There’s a lot of outfits in my closet that would go well with navy slides. So, I ordered them.

Vince Villaire Slides

This time I noticed on the website that they run a little big, so I went down a half a size and they fit perfectly.

I believe they have leather insoles and suede on the top. So soft and luxurious feeling on my feet. Took the tags off immediately and they are mine. KEEPERS.

Btw, I should have applied scotchguard to the trim around them because after a morning at the park with my grandsons this is how they looked:

Summer Sandals

Fortunately, they seem to have cleaned up pretty well with a little laundry detergent and water.

I tried these on at Macy’s a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure which colors of shoes I was going to go with this year. Then I saw them online and decided I needed a black pair of flip-flops for the pool.

Clarks Arla Glison Flip Flop

They came the other day and were instantly elevated to everyday shoes! My floors are all hardwood over cement, so I always wear slippers or flip-flops around the house.

I’m not sure what the insoles are made of, but they keep your feet in place which will be great on those 100 degree days. They are also cushiony and supportive. The straps have a little stretch to them and are a nylon type of material so they’re perfect poolside.

I had a pair of Clark flip-flops for years that I literally wore out because they were so darned comfortable. I am so glad I’ve been able to replace them with these. KEEPERS.

Yesterday, the UPS man delivered the last pair of shoes I’ve ordered in the past two weeks or so. When I ordered them, I forgot about the Clark’s black flip-flops that were coming. But these seemed like they might be a little dressier.

Fly London ‘Wigg’ Platform Wedge Slide

Summer Sandals

Earlier today, I opened them up and tried them on. They are well-made and comfortable. The insole is contoured and suede, and it really cushions my foot well. They have a nice heel, and interesting color contrasts on the sides.

But, as you can probably see from the pic, they’re a little too big. I think they are worth trying in a smaller size, though. They are just too nice not to EXCHANGE.

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