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The 8 Handiest Kitchen Gadgets

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Although I have a huge crock on my island and two drawers of kitchen tools in my kitchen, I have about 8 favorite gadgets that I use regularly.

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Although I annually organize and purge my kitchen drawers, I still have many kitchen gadgets! It seems like whenever I get rid of one I wind up replacing it later. Some of my favorites are a little eccentric, such as my avocado masher and strawberry slicer.

My 8 Fave Kitchen Gadgets

Avocado masher. Have you ever seen this? If you make guacamole frequently as I do, then it’s a really handy gadget. Its design allows you to mash avocados to your preference, chunky or smooth.

I thought it was pretty cool the first time I saw it. Somehow my original masher got misplaced and it took me a while to find one to replace it. Get your own avocado masher (it’s perfect for other root vegetables and potatoes, too!) and enjoy making guacamole again!

Potato Ricer. I believe I saw Martha Stewart use one of these on TV a long time ago and I thought I’d give it a try. The first time I used it to make mashed potatoes, my husband told me that they reminded him of his grandma’s mashed potatoes.

I make mashed potatoes pretty often because they are a favorite of my husband’s. You can also use a potato ricer to mash other foods and even make baby food. It’s a really handy tool to have in the kitchen.

piece of a potato ricer
Potato Ricer

Citrus Juicer. Over the years, I have tried a variety of citrus juicers without being overly impressed with any of them. One day, I saw this juicer in the grocery store and bought it. And, it’s great! I have one for oranges and one for lemons (that I also use for limes). Not only do they do a great job in getting out every last drop of juice, but they strain out the seeds, too.

a piece of a citrus juicer
Citrus Juicer

Wire colander. These came in a set of three different sizes and I use them all the time while cooking. I keep them in my utensil crock (they nest easily) so they are always nearby when I’m cooking. They are so handy for straining and rinsing canned foods like beans and tomatoes.

a piece of a wire colander that is used for staining and rinsing canned foods
Wire Colander

Immersion Blender. This is the handiest thing ever. Have you used one? It’s great for soups and sauces. It purees potatoes, tomatoes, and black beans for soup, makes smoothies, and whipped cream in a jiffy. It keeps the mess to a minimum, since you can use it right in the pot or glass, and cleans up really easily.

a piece of immersion blender that is good for soups and sauces
Immersion Blender

Microplaner. I like using this gadget to grate garlic, cheese, and zest citrus. Since you can hold the microplanes with one hand and use the other to grate the food, it allows you to grate it over the bowl or pot you’re using. Then when you’re done, you just toss it into the dishwasher.

Micro planner is a gadget use to grate garlic, cheese, and zest citrus
Micro Planer

Mandolin. Using this makes your food presentation look professional. I have a food processor, but I never seem to get the slices as precise as with the mandolin. This gadget is super handy for making tarts, potato au gratin, slicing fruits and vegetables, and making salads.

Mandolin is a gadget use for making tarts, potato au gratin, slicing fruits and vegetables and making salads

Strawberry Slicer. We saw this gadget when visiting my dad in Georgia. We love strawberries, so we decided to buy it. In the summer, we use it all the time to slice strawberries. The only downside to it is that if you use big strawberries, you have to cut them in half before putting them into the slicer as the basket area for them is a little small.

a strawberry slicer that use to slice strawberries
Strawberry Slicer

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