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Lessons on Decor, Inspiration, and Style

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Lately, I have been on fire about décor, through rearranging and decorating. Talk about inspiration and motivation! I think it’s because I tend to get passionate about whatever is consuming me at a given time.

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a planted vase and a rooster figurine.

Many of you might not know that for the past several years I’ve been working on finishing my Bachelor’s degree. There have been some breaks, like when we moved, but it’s been a huge distraction for me.

Since mid-November until early April, I’m on a school hiatus. After that, I have two classes to finish in a six-week period, and then I graduate in May. I can’t wait!

This hiatus has enabled me to focus on our home for the first time since we permanently moved in 2 years ago.

I have décor goals, which I’ve shared here on the blog and on Facebook and Instagram stories. Between now and when I return to school, we will have our living room walls textured and painted. That IS happening. Maybe I’ll get to our guest bathroom, too.

First Lesson Learned

After taking down Christmas, though, I got seriously inspired. We rearranged the furniture in our living room and I love how it looks! I learned something important from that. 

When you walk into a room, what you want to see is what you like most.

Seeing what you really like is important because it gives you a good feeling when you enter a room. Your mind sees is as an overall impression of the room.


As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like our reclining leather sofas. One of them was the first thing you saw when you walked in the room. Since we rearranged our living room, I see my upholstered chairs and a cabinet that came from my grandmother’s house first. I love it!

reclining sofa on left and right and a cabinet at the middle.

I think I might even love it enough to keep these leather sofas a few more years. At least until my grandkids (and future grandkids) get out of the really grubby hands stage. Leather is so easy to clean. I have my heart set on light-colored fabric sofas or a sectional.

living room photo.

Second Lesson Learned

Another thing that I’ve learned is to go slowly. When faced with a table, buffet, shelf, or a room that you want to decorate take your time.

When decorating a specific area, start with one item and add complimentary objects (colors or a theme) slowly to see the overall effect.

My dining room buffet looked so empty after taking away the Christmas décor. I love to repurpose or “shop my own home,” so that’s what I did.


When you have a style reflected throughout your own home, it’s easy to take objects from one room to use in another. When I exhausted that option, I turned to Home Goods, Target, and Hobby Lobby for décor.

our wall with framed family pictures.

Third Lesson Learned

I’ve also learned to stay true to my style. When I selected the leather sofas, it was because I thought we’d go with a “lodge” theme in our living room. That brings me to the next lesson I learned.

If you are going to experiment with a new style, color, or theme, do so with accessories or inexpensive furniture.

If I would have saved myself so much furniture grief if I had done that.  Ironically, when it comes to color, that is my motto. I love to buy colorful pillows, table runners, throws, and inexpensive drapes/curtains.

our dining room.

I am strictly an amateur decorator. But, hopefully you’ll benefit from these three things I’ve learned.

We used a designer and it was a great experience. She was instrumental during our kitchen remodel and I’m not saying I won’t take that route again. I think what’s given me the courage to try this on my own right now is that I really liked how our last house looked, and I get so much inspiration from Instagram.

Decor Inspiration

My earliest lifestyle and decor inspiration came through books and websites, before there were blogs. I share all about it here.

Speaking of inspiration, I just started reading this book, The Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels. I’ll share what I learn from reading the book as I apply it to my home. I can’t wait to share it with you!


To see the before and after photos of our home remodel project: https://thefeatherednester.com/index.php/2017/05/03/our-hour-before/ https://thefeatherednester.com/index.php/2017/05/06/our-house-after/

Stay inspired my friends!

PS, let me know in the comments if you’d like to know where I got a particular item pictured.


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