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Blackstone Cooking Essentials

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Outdoor cooking is a great way to enjoy the summer sun and spend quality time with family and friends. If you’re looking for the best outdoor cooking griddle, you should consider investing in a Blackstone hibachi grill. These appliances are perfect for cooks of all levels of experience, making it easy to prepare delicious meals outdoors. This blog post will discuss the best griddle equipment, tools, and accessories for Blackstone gas or electric griddle cooking!

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Essential Tools for Blackstone Cooking

If you’re planning on cooking with a Blackstone grill or griddle, then there are some essential tools you’ll need.

Here’s our list of Blackstones Essentials:

First, you’ll need a griddle grill, of course!

Blackstone hibachi grills (also called flat top grills) are great for cooking all kinds of food and are one of the best outdoor griddles on the market.

And they have a wide range of griddle grill types, including e series electric griddles (suitable for indoor or outdoor cooking) or gas grills that use propane tanks (for outdoor cooking).

Blackstone hibachi grills also come with heat control knobs, so you can easily regulate the temperature. This is important because you don’t want your food to get overcooked or burnt.

a Blackstone hibachi grill illustration with meats and vegetables grilling on top

Plus, some models come with a side table or side shelves (or even a sink!) to prepare your food and a bottom shelf for storage.

The cooking surface is made of thick, heavy-duty cold-rolled steel, which provides even heat distribution. And it has a smooth black powder coating that is easy to clean.

The grease trap is a great feature of Blackstone hibachi grills because it collects the grease and oil from cooking. This makes it easy to dispose of the oil and grease.

Blackstone Griddle Sizes

The Blackstone griddle comes in different sizes, so you can choose the one that is right for you. There are small and large cooking surfaces, with the cooking surface starting at 17 inches wide and going up to 36 inches wide. This allows for a variety of cooking options.

table top Blackstone griddle
22″ griddle is available in propane (gas) and electric. It is portable and offers a pizza oven attachment that turns it into a pizza oven!

Are you looking for the Blackstone Hibachi Grill that is the perfect size for you?

If you are looking for a grill that is big enough to cook for a small group but not so large that it is hard to move around, the 17-inch model is a great option.

If you want a bigger griddle that can fit more food, then the 22-inch model is a good choice.

But, if you’re looking for the best outdoor griddle, the 36-inch Blackstone Hibachi Grill is the one you want.

No matter what size you choose, cooking on a Blackstone Hibachi Grill will be a fun and delicious experience.

See our list (affiliate links) for the Blackstone griddle grills we recommend:

Covers for Blackstone Hibachi

If you’re cooking outdoors, you’ll need a cover for your Blackstone griddle. This will protect your flat top grill from the elements and keep it clean. There are a variety of covers available, so be sure to choose one that’s the right size for your griddle.

Here are our recommendations for the best hibachi grill covers:

Hard Covers and Wind Guard

Thick, durable hardcovers are great for protecting your Blackstone hibachi grill. They will last for a long time and keep your griddle looking new.

Hard cover with handle for Blackstone Griddle

Hard covers also help keep the heat in, so your cooked food will stay hot and delicious or warm at just the right temperature.

Blackstone hibachi grill with wheels and side shelves
Used outdoors in a windy environment, this griddle grill as a standalone model is more susceptible to having the flame blown out while cooking.

Wind guards are another great accessory for protecting your Blackstone grill. They help to keep the wind from blowing the grill flame out, and they also help to keep the heat in.

These hardcovers and wind guard are the perfect accessories for your flat top griddle grill:

Spatulas for Blackstone Hibachi Grill Cooking

A good spatula is a key tool for any griddle cook. Blackstone makes a few different spatulas that are great for use on their gas and electric griddles.

These metal spatulas are great to use on your favorite Blackstone griddle recipes. You’ll use them to smash burgers, flipping steaks, make fajitas, stir-frying vegetables, scramble eggs for fried rice recipes, turn a crunchwrap supreme, or anything else you might want to cook on your griddle.

Check out our recommended Blackstone griddle tool set (with spatulas) for the best griddle recipes cooking:

Outdoor and Indoor Cooking

So there you have it! Now you know the best outdoor griddles on the market (we like Blackstone) and affordable, durable, and easy-to-use options.

a collage of Blackstone griddle cooking tools accessories and equipment with two images of cooking foods on griddle

One of the great things about cooking on a Blackstone griddle is its versatility. You can use them for cooking anything from burgers and hot dogs to stir fry and grilled vegetables. They come in different sizes so you can find one perfect for your needs.

Whether you’re cooking for many people or yourself, we shared the ideal Blackstone hibachi grill for you. And don’t forget accessories like griddle covers and a griddle tool set to improve your grilling experience. Once you try cooking on a Blackstone hibachi, you’ll never go back to your old grill again!

Which do you prefer, cooking on the Blackstone griddle or charcoal grill? What is your favorite food to cook on a Blackstone? Let us know in the comments.

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