Gift Guide for the Home Chef

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Updated for 2019! There are some exciting new products out there for those passionate about cooking. So, I put together this gift guide full of gift ideas for the home chef in your life.

For the items that I own, I’ve provided personal recommendations where possible. Otherwise, I rely on reviews to provide you with the highest-rated products. 

Also, there are different price levels in the gift guide: budget, gourmet, and luxury. Listed in the parenthesis are the retailers for the item and a direct link to it. Everything is available online to make your gift giving even easier!

Just to let you know, I receive absolutely no compensation for any of the items listed. As a home chef, I simply want to share the items I love that other home chef’s would like.

Gift Guide

Chef’s Knives

Every home chef needs at least one professional, high quality professional knife in their arsenal. The most versatile, all-purpose size is the 7″-8″ chef’s knife. 

The retailers below offer free sharpening events on their knives.

  • Budget: Wustoff Classic Hollow Edge 5″ Santoku $59 (Williams-Sonoma) Link
  • Gourmet: Wusthof Gourmet Ridge Chef’s Knife 8” $100 (Sur La Table) Link
  • Luxury:  Bob Kramer by Zwilling 8” Damascus $300 (Sur La Table) Link

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

One of the most used items in our kitchen is our cookware. And, we use our cast iron cookware several times a week. I’d say that the 11″ skillet gets the most use. I use it to sauté vegetables, brown ground meat, and sear meats. My husband even uses it to pop popcorn! He says it gives it great taste.

The 4-5 quart Dutch oven is a good, all-purpose size. It’s ideal for making spaghetti sauce, soup, or roasting meats. If your home chef already has this size, the brasier in 3 quart is my second most used pot. Since it has a lower profile, it’s the perfect one-pot for stove-top to oven use. Think Macaroni and Cheese, Meatball Marinara, and Chicken and Rice.

Le Creuset or Staub? I think it’s more of a personal preference. I own both brands.

  • The pros of Staub: black bottomed pots eliminates staining and provide even browning, the interior of the lids have stubs that channel condensation down during cooking, and the colors are rich and subdued.
  • The pros of Le Creuset, they have a wide variety of sizes and shapes, vivid colors (especially their red), and their plastic knobs stay cool to the touch.

Home Chef

If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to Le Creuset or Staub, consider Lodge. From what I’ve read, many consider their quality as consistent and durable.

  • Budget: Lodge Cast Iron, 5 qt. $40 (Target) Link
  • Moderate: Staub, 4 qt. $100 – special offer price (Sur La Table) Link
  • Luxury: Le Creuset Signature Fleur Round Dutch Oven, 4 qt. $300 (Williams-Sonoma) Link

Stainless Steel Saucier

There are some specialty sauce pans worth having. The saucier sauce pan is ideal for making sauces. It has flared sides that provide a wider surface that allows the sauce to thicken easier. I use it to make pasta sauce, gravy, and roux-based sauces. 

  • Budget: Demeyere Stainless Steel, 3.5 qt. $99 (Amazon) Link
  • Gourmet: All-Clad, 3 qt, $162 (Amazon) Link
  • Luxury: Mauviel M’150c2 Saucier, 1.9-qt, $289 (Sur La Table) Link

Instant Pot and Cookbook

This is great kitchen appliances to have, especially those pressed for space or time in the kitchen. It works as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and rice cooker all-in-one. The new Instant Pot Max creates sous vide dishes and even allows for 15 psi pressure canning!

If you’re new to Instant Pot cooking, I highly recommend getting a cookbook (or two!) to help you get started.

  • Budget: Instant Pot Duo Nova – the 2019 version – $60-$85 (Target) Link
  • Gourmet: Instant Pot Max $150 (Williams-Sonoma) Link
  • Pressure Cooking Cookbooks $12-30 (Amazon) Link

Copper Cookware

Having copper cookware is a dream for many home chefs! Copper cookware is not only gorgeous, but conducts heat beautifully throughout the pan.

I have a budget-friendly set listed, but have you seen the Mauviel (shown above)? They’re a work of art, and they’re $500 less than when I looked last year. For those who like to entertain, the Ruffoni set is perfect for stove-top to table-top.

  • Budget: Cuisinart Copper Cuisinart 8 pc. Set, $204 (Amazon) Link
  • Gourmet: Viking Hammered Copper 10 pc. Cookware Set, $458 (Amazon) Link
  • Entertaining: Ruffoni Historia 7 pc. Set with Acorn Finials, $758 (Williams-Sonoma) Link
  • Luxury/Heriloom: Mauviel 12 pc Cookware Set, $1425 (Williams-Sonoma) Link

Sous Vide

When these small appliances hit the market years ago, they were really expensive. Now that they’ve come down to affordable prices, I’m adding them to the gift guide.

Sous vide are designed to work with any pot in the kitchen. The sous vide  heats and circulates water. which cooks food evenly to a precise internal temperature for restaurant-quality results every time.

  • Budget: Anova Culinary Sous Vide WiFi (Amazon) $128 Link 
  • Gourmet: All-Clad Sous Vide (Williams-Sonoma) $200 Link

Stocking Stuffers

New to the gift guide this year are some of my favorite kitchen tools:

  • OXO Vegetable Brush (Amazon) $6 Link
  • Mix N Chop (Pampered Chef) $15 Link
  • Silicone Bottle Brush – I’ve tried a lot of them, but this one is the best at cleaning – (Sur La Table) $15 Link 
  • Mix Stir – a great gravy whisk – (Cutco) $51 Link

I hope this gift guide has inspired you. Happy gift giving!

**I do not receive any form of compensation from the links listed in this post**

Learn more about the Instant Pot here:

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