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Easy Recipes Using Frozen Bread Dough

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Ready-made dough is great to have on hand for just the right occasion. Pre-made dough lets you skip all the prep that comes with making yeast dough. And, with the frozen dough in the freezer, home-baked goods are easy. If you don’t already do this, you need to start! It’s easy to pull out the ready dough and have it ready for dinner or breakfast with little effort. Keep reading to get the best recipes using frozen bread dough.

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pizza recipe using frozen bread dough

We’ve come to love the convenience and reliability that ready-made dough offers. By keeping frozen bread dough and rolls in your freezer, you always have some on hand, especially during the holidays. Pull out just a few rolls at a time to have fresh bread rolls (or even a loaf of freshly baked bread) for dinner.

A package of ready-dough ready to use in frozen bread dough recipes

What to make with Ready Made dough

There are so many creative uses for dough from the freezer that you may not have thought about. It’s great to use for casseroles, braided bread, breakfast sandwiches, desserts, bowls for soups, easy cinnamon rolls or sticky buns, monkey bread, pizza dough, and good, old-fashioned dinner rolls.

Learn how to easily thaw frozen dough and rolls in this post.

a wooden board with a frozen bread dough rolls in a round baking dish with a pastry brush and green bowl of melted butter and head of garlic

Frozen Bread Dough Recipes Savory

Let’s start with savory recipes using frozen bread dough. You can use savory bread recipes for sides, appetizers, lunch, or dinner.

There are so many great ways to make them savory, including cooking with these ingredients:

  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Garlic
  • Cheese
  • Ham
  • Deli meats
  • Pesto
  • Marinara sauce

Here are some super easy recipes that use pre-made bread dough:

close up of freshly baked dinner rolls
Easy Parkerhouse Rolls from frozen dough
These super-soft, fluffy Parkerhouse Rolls are sure to be the star of dinner. Made from frozen bread dough, these no-knead yeast rolls are so simple and easy to make that you won’t need to wait for a special occasion to serve them.
Check out this recipe
a pan of dinner rolls
two bread bowls of cheeseburger soup on a white serving platter
Pumpkin Shaped Bread Bowl
What better way to enjoy a delicious meal of soup, chowder, stew, or chili than in a homemade bread bowl? Learn how to make a soft, yet sturdy pumpkin bread bowl easily with frozen dough. With this amazing recipe you'll serve your soup or dip in style.
Check out this recipe
two bread bowls of cheeseburger soup on a white serving platter
Pesto Cheese Bread Twist on parchment paper with a serving tool
Pesto Cheese Bread Twist
Wow your family and friend with this delicious, savory pesto cheese bread twist. It's the perfect appetizer. Thanks to frozen dough it's easy to make! But, it makes such an impression that no one will ever guess how simple it was to make.
Check out this recipe
Pesto Cheese Bread Twist on parchment paper with a serving tool
white casserole dish of ham and brie pull apart with a serving spoon and a plate of the ham and cheese casserole
Ham & Brie Pull-Apart
This is an easy, overnight dish. You can prepare it ahead of time, keep it in the fridge overnight, and bake it in the morning.
ham & brie breakfast casserole.
easy baked Italian sliders made with frozen dough
Italian Sliders for a Hungry Crowd
Italian Sliders are the perfect mini sandwiches for game day, tailgating, holiday parties and potlucks. This recipe is a crowd pleaser!
Check out this recipe
Baked Italian sliders in a white baking dish.
Rosemary Garlic Rolls on a pan
Rosemary Garlic Rolls
These super soft, rich and buttery rolls are sure to be the star of dinner. Rosemary, garlic, and butter are brushed on the rolls to create a rich savory roll. With one bite, everyone will love these yummy Rosemary Garlic rolls. You can easily double this recipe.
a skillet with rosemary garlic rolls.

Frozen Bread Dough Recipes Sweet

Baking sweetbreads is one of the most satisfyingly delicious ways to use this dough. Some uses for them are breakfast, snack, lunch, or dessert.

Here are some ingredients you can use to make them:

  • Cream cheese
  • Brown sugar
  • Melted butter
  • Jams/jellies
  • Fruit
  • Cinnamon sugar

Here are some amazing recipe ideas for using ready made frozen dough:

French Toast Casserole
Overnight French Toast Casserole
This Easy Overnight French Toast Casserole is a delicious breakfast dish that everyone loves! It features cinnamon french toast, a maple custard inside, and a creamy icing glaze on top. Prep this easy breakfast casserole the night before with frozen dough, and then just bake in the morning when you're ready to enjoy.
Check out this recipe
French Toast Casserole
lemon braided bread loaf on a white platter
Lemon Stuffed Braided Bread
With the ease of frozen bread dough, this simple, easy mock braid looks complicated enough to impress anyone. The center has a rich, lemon curd and cream cheese filling wrapped in braided sweet bread.
Check out this recipe
lemon braided bread loaf on a white platter
a white casserole dish of apple fritter breakfast casserole from remade dough with two silver fluted dishes and a pitcher in the background
Apple Fritter Breakfast Casserole
This Apple Fritter Breakfast Casserole is a delicious breakfast dish that everyone loves! Prep this easy breakfast casserole the night before with frozen dough, and then just bake in the morning when you're ready to enjoy.
Check out this recipe
apple fritter breakfast bake
pumpkin spice bread twist made with ready dough
Pumpkin Spice Bread Twist
Customize this easy Bread Twist Wreath recipe by changing the filling. Your favorite spices, like cinnamon, will work in place of pumpkin pie spice. For a savory version of this bread twist, see notes at the end.
Check out this recipe
pumpkin spice twist on top of a parchment paper.
pizza on a wooden serving tray with a sprig of basil
Fire Grilled Pizza
Fire Grilled Pizza – from frozen dough
Make the easiest pizza crust ever using frozen, pre-made Ready-Dough from Bridgford. Skip the hassle of making yeast dough Just thaw, shape, and top your pizza. Then fire up the grill for the best fire-grilled pizza!
Check out this recipe
a fire grilled pizza on a wooden serving tray with a sprig of basil and a red, white, and blue napkin in the background
a circle of soft pretzel bites with cheese
Easy Pretzel Balls
Pretzel Balls from Frozen Ready-Dough
Pretzel balls are a tasty snack that is perfect for any occasion. Learn how easy it is to make the best, soft pretzel bites from frozen bread dough, using Bridgford Ready-Dough.
Check out this recipe
Pretzel bites from frozen dough

Pre-made bread dough FAQ’s

What can I do with frozen bread?

If the bread is already cooked and then frozen, simply thaw the bread and then slice and eat it or you can use it in another dish. A great example is the Pumpkin Shaped Bread Bowl shown above. Just hollow out the middle, ladle in some soup, and you’ve got a meal.

How do you thaw frozen bread dough?

The fastest way to thaw it is to let it sit, covered, on the counter for a few hours until it has risen and is at room temperature. If you won’t be using it for longer than 3 hours, wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge.

What happens if you let dough rise too long?

If you let the dough rise longer than a few hours on the counter, it will become warm and over rise . After that, it won’t bake correctly. You can leave it in the fridge for up to 48 hours, so there’s little risk of letting it rise too long there.

new recipeS from frozen Loaf Bread dough!

pizza crust with salad, spices, and tomatoes

Pizza from frozen dough

a hand removing a slice of pizza that is on a wooden plate with a sprig of basil

Fire Grilled Pizza

If you are looking for frozen, ready made dough or rolls, my favorite brand to use is Bridgford. Another popular brand is Rhodes Bake N Serve. Look for these brands at your local grocery store or Wal-mart locations.

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