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Creating a Cozy Valentine’s Day Breakfast

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This year, consider making a cozy Valentine’s Day breakfast for your sweetie before (or instead of) a romantic dinner at home! We have plenty of easy savory and sweet breakfast ideas that you can make to kick off your holiday of love.

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Collage of Valentine's Day breakfast ideas.

Valentine’s Day is a special day to show your loved ones how much you care. Why not start the celebration with a cozy breakfast?

We have plenty of easy and delicious recipes that will make their morning special. From sweet to savory, we have something for everyone!

What We Love About Valentine’s Day Breakfast

  1. It’s intimate and romantic.
    Enjoying a meal at home, especially breakfast in bed, can be more romantic than going out to eat.

    You’ll enjoy a homemade meal together, and even better, you can have a conversation without any noisy restaurant distractions.
  2. Cooking together can be fun!
    Preparing breakfast together can be a fun bonding activity! It gives you the chance to show off your cooking skills, learn from one other, and share the joy of creating something special together.
  3. It shows your loved one that you care.
    Making a delicious meal for your sweetie is a great way to show him/her that you care.

    It takes time, effort, and thoughtfulness to plan out the perfect menu and cook everything with love. Plus, it’s a nice treat, and it isn’t over-the-top expensive or extravagant.
  4. It’s budget friendly.
    Making a Valentine’s Day breakfast at home is usually less expensive than going out to eat at a restaurant.

    Plus, you may end up with some extra money to spend on another Valentines gift idea. Even something small, like a bouquet of fresh flowers or a slice of their favorite cherry dessert is a special way to show you care.
Bouquet of flowers and February 14th circled on a calendar.

Whatever you choose to make for your special someone, it’s sure to be a fun and tasty morning.

As the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts”, and a Valentine’s Day breakfast is definitely a thoughtful gesture. So let’s get cooking!

How to Make a Special Breakfast For Two

Creating a cozy Valentine’s Day breakfast doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need are a little planning and some delicious sweet and/or savory breakfast ideas to make!

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect meal:

  • Plan ahead.
    Planning ahead can make things easier in the morning. You can do most of the prep work the night before, or in some cases, even a few days in advance.
  • Be creative.
    Don’t be afraid to get creative with your recipes! You can make simple dishes more special by adding a unique twist or incorporating some of your loved one’s favorite ingredients.
  • Focus on the presentation.
    We eat with our eyes first, so plating is key! Take time to arrange everything nicely on the plate so it looks appetizing. A little effort can go a long way.
  • Set the mood.
    Don’t forget to set the mood for your Valentine’s Day breakfast! Play some soft music, and use your favorite essential oils or scented candles.

Now that you have tips to set the tone, it’s time to plan your menu!
Here are a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day breakfast recipes to choose from.

sweet breakfast idea - Homemade pop tarts

Sweet Breakfast Ideas

Strawberry French Toast

Strawberry French Toast is an unbelievably scrumptious sweet breakfast treat. French toast with fresh strawberries is one of our favorite brunch ideas for Valentine’s Day or weekend breakfast!

Valentine’s Day Pop Tarts

These Valentine’s Day pastries are hand pie treats that are as easy to make as they are delicious to eat! They’re the perfect sweet breakfast treat that you’ll both definitely love.

Bisquick Blueberry Muffins

This Bisquick Blueberry Muffins recipe is so easy and makes moist, flavorful muffins with the fruity flavors of blueberry that are perfect for Valentine’s day breakfast.

Bisquick Banana Bread

Why not try this Bisquick Banana Bread recipe? This moist and delicious quick bread is a delicious way to start any morning.

Bisquick Banana Pancakes

If banana bread is not your thing, you can always try out this sweet breakfast idea! A stack of banana pancakes with warm maple syrup is sure to be a hit with your sweetheart.

savory breakfast idea - two glasses of virgin mimosa.

Savory Breakfast Ideas

Bisquick Buttermilk Biscuits

These Bisquick Buttermilk Biscuits are tender and so flavorful – a delicious savory breakfast idea. They’re easy to make and perfect with a slathering of butter, jam or gravy.

Heart Shaped Pancakes for Two

Heart Shaped Pancakes for Two is our easy, fun and delicious Valentine’s Day breakfast recipe. Make a short stack to share with your sweetie!

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

It’s easy to have hot, flaky, delicious homemade biscuits with gravy on the table in just less than 30 minutes This is one of our favorite savory breakfast ideas, great on any day of the year!

Hash Brown Egg Cups

Turn hash browns into something special by making them into mini hash brown cups with baked eggs! This hash brown egg cups recipe is perfect for your Valentine’s breakfast. These little egg nests are filled with potatoes, cheese, and crispy bacon bits.

Tater Tots Egg Nests

If you want something a little different than the hash brown egg cups, give these tater tot nests with eggs recipe a try. It’s simple and packed with flavor. These savory nests are the perfect addition to your savory breakfast ideas.

Sourdough Muffins

This easy 30-minute muffin recipe is a great way to use up that sourdough discard (if you have one) for less waste! These soft and tender muffins are a delicious grab-and-go breakfast.

Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

Hash brown casserole loaded with savory sausage, eggs, and cheese is the delicious, hearty comfort food you want for breakfast this Valentine’s day. This easy gluten-free recipe is even great to make ahead and freeze and then just reheat on Valentine’s! You can make this recipe in half to be a perfect meal for two!

Easy Frittata

One of the easiest savory breakfast ideas is this simple Frittata. It’s perfect for a valentine’s day brunch or breakfast in bed. The frittata is loaded with cheese, and your favorite veggies or meat for a delicious valentine’s day breakfast.

Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Goodies

Another really simple sweet or savory breakfast idea is to use cookie cutters to turn regular food into adorable eats!

For example make our fluffy buttermilk biscuits recipe, but instead of using a round biscuit cutter, use a heart shaped cutter!

Four Valentine's Day breakfast biscuits, in the shape of hearts, sitting on a gray marble countertop.

This idea works great with fried eggs, too!

savory breakfast idea for Valentines Day -heart shaped fried egg

We hope you have a wonderful February 14th with your significant other. If you’re single, treat yourself to something special anyway – you deserve it!

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